Recover in Comfort

The first thing most people notice about Fountain Hills Recovery are our sprawling, luxury facilities. The homes are extremely beautiful. There’s two of them. There’s one for males and one for females.

Sonoran Estate

The female home is 9,000 square feet. It’s gorgeous. It has a southwestern-desert vibe. It has a spa and a pool. Bedrooms have queen beds and large closets. It has a 360° view. It sits on top of a hill that overlooks Fountain Hills. It’s a $3,200,000 home. So it’s extremely comfortable.

Vista Estate

The male home is a modern estate over 11,000 square feet. It has an infinity pool and a volleyball court. It has a 360° view of the Phoenix skyline. Every bedroom has attached to it a private shower or bathroom. Queen beds and large closets are in every bedroom. It’s a $3,900,000 home. So it’s extremely comfortable as well.

Clinical Facility

The clinic is very nice too. It overlooks the lake here at Fountain Hills. It’s a different type of demographic here. Obviously, we’re Scottsdale and Fountain Hills area so it’s a little bit more affluent, but by no means do we want to promote it as a country club. It is nice here. It’s very nice, but at the same time, we’re more proud of our clinical staff and our procedures and protocols and how we treat our modalities and what we bring to the table. Just a short drive from the clinic are our two living facilities where you can feel at home in spacious accommodations and enjoy all of our luxury amenities.

Luxury Amenities

Let yourself unwind in the infinity pool, grab a bite to eat in our chef’s kitchen, or loosen up with our on-site chiropractic services. We offer a wide selection of luxury amenities to promote both your physical and mental well-being.

Enjoy our numerous luxury and wellness amenities

  • Shared and private rooms available
  • Luxurious bathrooms
  • Fire up the grill or relax by the pool, resort living is only steps away from your door
  • Immense backyard surrounded by natural beauty
  • Chef’s kitchen and dining area
  • Television and fireplace
  • Rejuvenate your body with a massage or expel those toxins by sweating it out in the gym
  • On-site chiropractic services
  • Daily walks around Fountain Park
  • Meditation and reflection

The Fountain stands in the center of our community, an ever-present reminder of the endless healing, grace, and acceptance that comes with Recovery and Wellness. From the rolling hills to the deep red rock, Fountain Hills, Arizona provides us with a unique backdrop to begin the Recovery Process.

Fountain Hills Recovery is a safe haven for those who are ready to transition into a new life of sobriety. Through our programs, you’ll learn to love living sober, grow beyond limitations, and become a productive member of society again. We will help you become an asset to others and live a life in which you are trusted, valued and happy.

Finding the right addiction treatment program can be a matter of life or death. Fountain Hills Recovery is here to help. Call us now at (800) 715-2004 if you’re ready to overcome addiction and learn to love living life sober.

To request a tour, please call (800) 715-2004.