Clinical Leadership

Fountain Hills Recovery Justin Evans

Dr. Justin Evans, LCSW, DBH
Clinical Director

Justin began his career in the behavioral health field with outpatient drug and alcohol counseling. Specializing in substance abuse and anger management, he has spent time working in the Maricopa County Jail system, residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, as well as an inpatient psychiatric hospital. He holds a Doctorate of Behavioral Health and Masters of Social work from Arizona State University.
Addiction Recovery Rehab

Dr. Reyes Topete
Medical Director

Dr. Topete is a native of Arizona with over 20 years of experience in addiction medicine. After graduating from the University of Arizona College of Medicine in 1992, he completed his Internal Medicine Residency at Saint Joseph Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona. Throughout his career, Dr. Topete has developed a passion for working with those affected by addiction and a curiosity for the science behind addiction treatment. As the Medical Director at Fountain Hills Recovery, Dr. Topete provides leadership, guidance, and oversight to all medical personnel at Fountain Hills Recovery to ensure that our clients’ recoveries are safe and effective.
Fountain Hills Recovery Mary Jane Watman

Mary Jane Watman, BHT
Primary Therapist

Mary Jane brings to Fountain Hills Recovery, several years of experience in the recovery field after having found her own personal journey out of addiction. Having worked as an aftercare counselor, then a primary therapist, MJ extended her knowledge in the field as an intervention therapist. Her experience and continuing education in addiction counseling have given her the skills and passion for helping families with loved ones who are suffering with addiction. She is uniquely qualified in bringing families together in order to create an environment conducive to a successful recovery.

Outside of her professional life, MJ is devoted to helping women in correctional facilities recover from addiction and is very active in the recovery community helping others on their own journeys to sobriety.​

Fountain Hills Recovery TJ Carlini

TJ Carlini, CDC I+II, BHT
Primary Therapist

TJ found his passion for recovery after graduating from the Salvation Army ARC in Austin, TX. He established his formal education soon after and continues to actively pursue higher education at Austin CC and Rio Salado. He holds a level 1 certificate in Chemical Dependence Counseling along with multiple accreditation’s in the field of substance abuse recovery and is currently finalizing a degree in Social Work. TJ delivers a high energy message through firsthand experience, guiding patients to live up to their full potential by breaking the cycles of addiction, crime, hopelessness and despair they face in their daily life.

TJ is a regular speaker on the subject of addiction and recovery at churches and conferences, as well as one on one counseling. His work with patients from all backgrounds has given him the experience necessary to emphasize the urgency to live a sober life style. His goal is to help others find their unique skills, talents, and life purpose that allows them to begin the transition to the next chapter of their addiction-free and purpose filled life.

Our Founders

Addiction Recovery Rehab

John and Natalie Salem
Founders of Fountain Hills Recovery

John started a successful career in advertising at a young age and made a name for himself with his charisma and his passion for helping other businesses thrive. Likewise, Natalie had a early start to her acting career landing a key-role in the feature film Magnolia with Tom Cruise and guest-starring in several television series. As the two built their careers, Natalie eventually landed the role of “Snow White” at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, where she met John. They married, started a family, and began to live out their real-life fairy tale together. While they shared many storybook moments together, throughout their careers they witnessed the damaging effects addiction had on those around them. Their fairy tale life came to an end when Natalie’s father passed away after a long battle with substance abuse. He was a Fire Captain for nearly 30 years and a hero in the eyes of many, but his public appearance only helped to hide his battle with this devastating disease. After going through the pain and guilt that comes with losing a loved one to substance abuse, Natalie and John reassessed their lives. They resolved to dedicate themselves to bringing awareness to the often overlooked struggles of first responders, law enforcement, and veterans with substance abuse issues. Natalie and John were determined to help those affected by addiction and to open a treatment center that focused on compassion, empathy, and enthusiasm for their clients’ recovery. Their commitment to a client’s health is apparent in their hands-on approach to daily operations at the center and their willingness to go the extra mile for those who entrust their lives in the care of Fountain Hills Recovery.