Drug Addiction Rehabilitation & Recovery for Youth

We help young people recover from addiction, cope with modern stresses, and get their futures back on track.

What Teens, Young Adults, & Their Parents Need to Know About Substance Abuse

Young people develop drug addictions for a variety of reasons.

Growing up today isn’t easy.  You’re old enough to make your own decisions, but the world doesn’t let you.  The people who make decisions for you just don’t understand.  You’re caged in, or ignored.  But no matter what, you just don’t get to be free.

Your parents and teachers will never get it.

It could be pressure from school.  It could be pressure from peers.  It could be pressure from family.  No matter what, you feel boxed in and alone.  It’s not surprising that you might turn to drugs or alcohol.  But you already know where this path leads in the long run.  And you don’t want that—no one does!

Whatever the causes of your addiction, there is always hope.

If you really want to get clean, you’re in a great position to do so.  You still have your whole life ahead of you.  As long as you are committed, the right drug treatment program can help you salvage your future.

Once the decision is made, asking for help comes next.  But not all help is created equal.  If you’re serious about a better life, you need a treatment program that empowers you to make lasting change.  The best addiction therapies equip you with skills to deal with stresses of all kinds.

At Fountain Hills Recovery, we help teens and young adults who are struggling with addiction recover from addiction and get their lives back on track.  All of our therapies are based on customized to fit you.  But what really sets us apart is the sense of community.  Our therapists have battled with addiction themselves.  This can offer not only perspective—but wisdom—for young people dealing with substance abuse.

Unique Challenges Youth with Dependency Face

♦ Inability to Cope with School Work♦

♦ Wanting Escape from Family Pressure♦

♦ Conflict or Alienation from Peers♦

♦ Early-formed Dependence on Substance♦

♦ Failure to Reach Highest Potential♦

Reasons Youth Choose Us for Treatment

♦ Age-Appropriate Drug Rehabilitation♦

♦ Safe and Supportive Community♦

♦ Solutions-Oriented Family Counseling♦

♦ Clinically-Proven Therapy Methods♦

♦ Relapse Resistance Coaching♦

Are you ready for life to get better?

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You’ve Got So Much Ahead of You

You’ll never reach your potential if you throw it all away from the start.

It’s not just a cliché, drug addiction can ruin your life.

We’ve seen it:

  • Destroy promising futures.
  • Hurt families, and relationships of all kinds.
  • End young lives far before their time.
  • Cause others physical and/or emotional pain.
  • Damage bodies and minds beyond any hope of repair.

But all of this can be avoided if you catch it early enough and make the right moves.

Get Back on Track

Don’t give up this early.

If you’re committed to change, you can be making progress towards where you want to be in no time.

The right treatment program will help you:

  • Find yourself and begin to love living life sober.
  • Handle school responsibilities in a healthy way.
  • Repair family relationships damaged by your addiction.
  • Develop positive habits and strengthen discipline.
  • Reach your full potential in life.

All it requires is one decision.  From there, we can guide you on the path to success and fulfillment.

Why Choose Youth Rehab at Fountain Hills Recovery?



Total acceptance from a community of people who understand.  You don’t have to worry about judgement or alienation here.

We offer a safe, age-appropriate space for you to find the solace necessary to overcome your addiction. Your security is our guarantee.

Our beautiful facilities have breathtaking views and luxury amenities. Enjoy gourmet meals, our hot tub & sauna, and chiropractic & massage services.


Addiction treatment is about true healing. Here, you’ll learn to work and play without dependency on drugs or alcohol. Here, you’ll learn to love life again.

Rehabilitation catered to you, whoever you are. Each individual is unique and so is their struggle with addiction. We think their treatment should be as well.
You’ve got so much potential. Our youth rehabilitation program gives you the tools you need to find yourself and grow into the best version of you possible.

What Treatment at Fountain Hills Recovery Looks Like

At Fountain Hills Recovery, we pride ourselves on offering our client’s the best addiction treatment programs in Arizona.

The best rehab centers start with deep empathy.  That’s why acceptance and understanding are essential components of our treatment programs.  Many members of our team have been touched by addiction—whether through friends, family, or themselves.

After all, no one can truly understand addiction unless they have lived through it.

We couple that empathy with evidence-based programs that are proven to get results.  Fountain Hills Recovery is a dual diagnosis treatment center, accredited by the Joint Commission.

We serve a variety of clients.  Therefore, we offer a variety of options to match.  We provide both outpatient and residential treatment programs.  Within those frameworks, we employ dual diagnosis, cognitive behavior, and other therapies.

Our main goal is providing drug rehabilitation that works.

Plus, there is simply no better place to heal than scenic Fountain Hills, Arizona.  Our luxury rehab facility offers gorgeous views and resort-like amenities.  That way, you’re surrounded by a supportive community and nature’s beauty.  Together, we can help you beat your addiction and learn to love living sober.

Ready for life to get better?

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