Drug Addiction Rehabilitation For People With High Stress Careers

We help people with extremely stressful jobs recover from addiction, maintain sobriety, and perform their best.

What Heroes Need to Know About Dependency

Heroic members of our society sometimes develop substance abuse problems—and understandably so.

“Stress” isn’t a strong enough word to describe your career.  “Trauma” is much more accurate.  There are lives on the line.  The community depends on you.  And the stakes often couldn’t be higher.  Not to mention, emergencies do not care what time it is.

There’s no way to understand the weight of those pressures unless you’ve carried them.

Of course, your off-duty life may not be much more of a picnic.  Unfortunately, society’s heroes often deal with the same domestic pressures as everyone else.  After all, families and bills don’t take care of themselves.  They certainly don’t make coping with real-life tragedy any easier.

Whatever the causes of your addiction, there is always hope.

If you want to quit using, you can do it.  The journey to sobriety starts with your decision to get clean.  If you can make a total commitment, the right treatment center can help your resuscitate your life.

Drug rehabilitation isn’t as unpredictable as the emergencies you face every day.  You can fight your way your way out of it with the right plan of action.  In fact, many of the most effective methods for addiction treatment also help with stress management.

At Fountain Hills Recovery, we help heroes who are struggling with addiction get control of their life so they can keep saving ours.  We practice clinically proven methods.  But what really sets us apart is the sense of community.  Our therapists are in recovery themselves.  This means you’re being supported by others who have been through addiction and come out the other side.

Unique Challenges High Stress Career Workers with Dependency Face

♦ Lives of Other People in Your Hands♦

♦ Trauma Undermining Family Relationships♦

♦ Trying to Not to Bring Work Stress Home♦

♦ Keeping Addiction Treatment Private♦

♦ Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder♦

Reasons High Stress Career Workers Choose Us for Addiction Treatment

♦ 100% Discreet Drug Rehabilitation♦

♦ Creating Effective Coping Mechanisms♦

♦ Increased Capacity to Serve Others♦

♦ Optional Family Counseling♦

♦ Relapse Prevention and Aftercare♦

Are you ready for life to get better?

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Before Something Bad Happens

Your work requires more than most people can handle.

But it’s not just a cliché, drugs and alcohol can ruin your life.

We’ve seen them:

  • Extinguish careers and destroy reputations.
  • Turn heroes into villains in the public eye.
  • Crush marriages and tear apart families.
  • Cause mistakes that lead to lives being lost.
  • Damage faith in and from the community.

But take the right actions and these consequences can be averted.

Take Back Control

You have a choice.

If you’re committed to change, you can make a comeback.  And with newfound freedom and strength, you could do more good than ever.

The right treatment program will help you:

  • Free yourself from chemical dependence.
  • Cope with extreme levels of stress and trauma.
  • Fix broken relationships with loved ones.
  • Learn to thrive with a sober lifestyle.
  • Become an even better community servant.

It only takes one decision.  From there, we can guide you back down the path to personal and professional health.

Why Choose Executive Rehab at Fountain Hills Recovery?


Get help from a treatment center with staff that understands the stress and trauma that first responders encounter on a daily basis.

We equip you with tools and tactics that ensure your success.  You wouldn’t respond to an emergency without your gear, recovery is no different.


Our beautiful facilities have breathtaking views and luxury amenities. Enjoy gourmet meals, our hot tub & sauna, and chiropractic & massage services.


Addiction treatment is about true healing. Here, you’ll learn to work and play without dependency on drugs or alcohol. Here, you’ll learn to love life again.


We make treatment personal. Cookie cutter approaches don’t work anyway. Our therapy is always based on your needs. That is one of the secrets to our success.


Evidence-based and proven, we select treatment techniques based on science. Our focus is to get you back to saving lives, quickly and sustainably.

What Treatment at Fountain Hills Recovery Looks Like

At Fountain Hills Recovery, we pride ourselves on offering our client’s the best addiction treatment programs in Arizona.

The best rehab centers start with deep empathy.  That’s why acceptance and understanding are essential components of our treatment programs.  Many members of our team have been touched by addiction—whether through friends, family, or themselves.

After all, no one can truly understand addiction unless they have lived through it.

We couple that empathy with evidence-based programs that are proven to get results.  Fountain Hills Recovery is a dual diagnosis treatment center, accredited by the Joint Commission.

We serve a variety of clients.  Therefore, we offer a variety of options to match.  We provide both outpatient and residential treatment programs.  Within those frameworks, we employ dual diagnosis, cognitive behavior, and other therapies.

Our main goal is providing drug rehabilitation that works.

Plus, there is simply no better place to heal than scenic Fountain Hills, Arizona.  Our luxury rehab facility offers gorgeous views and resort-like amenities.  That way, you’re surrounded by a supportive community and nature’s beauty.  Together, we can help you beat your addiction and learn to love living sober.

Ready for life to get better?

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