Drug Addiction Rehabilitation for Artists & Musicians

We help artists overcome addiction, manage lifestyle stresses, and work toward healthy habits.

What Creatives Need to Know About Dependency

Artists, musicians, and other creatives develop drug addictions for a litany of reasons.

It’s not like the lifestyle supports sobriety.  It’s hard making it big.  It might be even harder staying big.  On top of that, you have to deal with hard work and late nights.  Performance pressure and creative blocks.  Let’s not even get into what it takes to be a touring artist.  It might be even be hard to imagine without the drugs and alcohol.

Few are brave enough to travel this bumpy road.

Plus, you’re still human begin.  You have to deal with the same day-to-day stresses as everyone else.  The lifestyle isn’t the only thing that pushes creatives toward drugs.  It could be money, love, family, or anything else.  It’s common to want an escape.

Whatever the causes of your addiction, there is always hope.

You aren’t as alone as you may think.  This right treatment program can help you learn to love a sober lifestyle.  You might be surprised to find that you become even more creative than before.

Creativity will always be your greatest strength.  But drug rehabilitation can be your greatest ally.  Once you begin to heal your addiction, your potential begins to reawaken.  With the right tools and your total commitment, anything becomes possible.

At Fountain Hills Recovery, we help artists and musicians recover from addiction and live a better life.  We focus on clinically-proven treatment methods customized for you needs and goals.  But we also emphasize holistic therapies that help heal the mind, body, and spirit.  More than anything though, our community is what makes us unique.  Our staff is filled with recovering addicts, therapists included.  This gives a level of understanding and empathy you won’t find elsewhere.

Unique Challenges Artists and Musicians with Dependency Face

♦ Balancing Productivity and Perfection♦

♦ Coping with Anxiety and Depression♦

♦ Creative Blocks and Deadlines♦

♦ Performance Anxiety & Related Stress♦

♦ Dependence on Drugs for Creativity♦

Reasons Executives Choose Us for Addiction Treatment

♦ Community that Values Self-Expression♦

♦ Individualized Treatment Programs♦

♦ Revitalizing Natural Environment♦

♦ Holistic Rehabilitation Therapies♦

♦ Relapse Prevention and Aftercare♦

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Don’t Be Silenced by Addiction

You’ve been mastering your craft for a reason.  Don’t throw it all away.

It’s not just a cliché, drug addiction can ruin your life.

We’ve seen it:

  • Kill creativity, organization, and productivity.
  • End promising careers before their rightful time.
  • Shatter community reputations for good.
  • Devastate relationships at all levels.
  • Contribute to other self-destructive behaviors.

But you can avoid this if you make a decision to change your life now.

Let Your Art Be Heard

You don’t have to lose all the progress you’ve worked so hard for.

With the right treatment strategy and recovery plan you can overcome your addiction and get back to being yourself.

The right treatment program will help you:

  • Free yourself from the constant fog of substance abuse.
  • Navigate the ups and downs of your creative lifestyle.
  • Repair family relationships damaged by your addiction.
  • Establish positive habits and generate more creativity.
  • Improve productivity and open up new paths for success.

All it takes is one decision.  From there, we can help guide you down the path of mental, emotional, and artistic freedom.

Why Choose Artists & Musician Rehab at Fountain Hills Recovery?


You think outside of the box, shouldn’t your treatment specialists?  We offer a holistic approach to recovery that utilizes many alternative therapies.
Heal from addiction in a supportive and sober environment. Find comfort and companionship from a community of people who understand.

Our beautiful facilities have breathtaking views and luxury amenities. Enjoy gourmet meals, our hot tub & sauna, and chiropractic & massage services.


Addiction treatment is about true healing. Here, you’ll learn to work and play without dependency on drugs or alcohol. Here, you’ll learn to love life again.

Rehabilitation catered to you, whoever you are. Each individual is unique and so is their struggle with addiction. We think their treatment should be as well.

The custom-tailored treatment program at Fountain Hills Recovery can help you get free from alcohol or drugs.  We can help you gain freedom in all aspects of your life. 

What Treatment at Fountain Hills Recovery Looks Like

At Fountain Hills Recovery, we pride ourselves on offering our client’s the best addiction treatment programs in Arizona.

The best rehab centers start with deep empathy.  That’s why acceptance and understanding are essential components of our treatment programs.  Many members of our team have been touched by addiction—whether through friends, family, or themselves.

After all, no one can truly understand addiction unless they have lived through it.

We couple that empathy with evidence-based programs that are proven to get results.  Fountain Hills Recovery is a dual diagnosis treatment center, accredited by the Joint Commission.

We serve a variety of clients.  Therefore, we offer a variety of options to match.  We provide both outpatient and residential treatment programs.  Within those frameworks, we employ dual diagnosis, cognitive behavior, and other therapies.

Our main goal is providing drug rehabilitation that works.

Plus, there is simply no better place to heal than scenic Fountain Hills, Arizona.  Our luxury rehab facility offers gorgeous views and resort-like amenities.  That way, you’re surrounded by a supportive community and nature’s beauty.  Together, we can help you beat your addiction and learn to love living sober.

Ready for life to get better?

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