Center for Out-Patient Drug Rehabilitation

Out-Patient Drug Rehabilitation Center


Out-Patient Therapy That Works

Our intensive out-patient program treats addiction and empowers our patients to enjoy lasting sobriety.

Out-patient drug rehab is the perfect option for someone seeking treatment for a mild addiction. It can also be part of a long-term treatment program for clients who have been through out-patient care and or other treatment programs.

Our IOP focuses on substance abuse education, counseling, and relapse prevention coaching.

This program is for people who are struggling with substance abuse but have daily responsibilities to uphold.

The out-patient therapy model gives clients a flexibility that isn’t possible with in-patient care. In-patient care can be helpful for many, but intensive rehabilitation is not necessary for everyone.

Out-patient treatment offers a low-maintenance treatment schedule. Clients can take care of what matters most while receiving the treatment they need.

We provide our patients with the treatment and tools they need to help them win their fight with addiction and learn to love life sober.


Advantages of Out-Patient Treatment

Our out-patient drug rehabilitation program gives clients a rare freedom. This flexible treatment option is for those who need help with addiction but still have a life to run.

This treatment style gives clients the help they need without restricting their ability to do daily responsibilities.
Clients are allowed to come and go.  Clients must meet treatment requirements but they have the time they need to fulfill their duties.

Out-patient therapy has many advantages:

  • Flexible treatment schedule
  • Affordability and a higher chance of insurance coverage
  • Evening and weekend counseling sessions
  • Family counseling and other aligned therapies

Out-patient therapy is for individuals who need addiction treatment but don’t have the time to commit to an in-patient program.

There is no difference in the quality of clinicians who staff our in-patient and out-patient programs.  Our clinicians are highly trained and passionate about the recovery of our clients.

We are accredited by The Joint Commission, our industry’s highest standard.  We are located in beautiful Fountain Hills, Arizona (near Phoenix).  And we actually have recovering addicts on staff.

Nowhere else will you find higher quality inpatient drug rehabilitation, a sunnier environment, or more empathetic therapists.  Let us prove it to you today.