Drug Addiction Rehabilitation & Recovery for LGBT Individuals

We provide a safe haven for LGBT individuals to overcome problems with substance abuse.  We focus first on empathy, second on results.

What Gay, Lesbian, Trans, & Other LGBT Individuals Need to Know About Dependency

LGBT Individuals turn to substance abuse for many reasons.

Progress has only come so far.  Even in today’s world, you face prejudice and discrimination.  It comes from strangers.  It comes from your peers.  It may even come from your family.  And we know that with prejudice often comes acts of violence.

You only know what it is like if you’ve lived it.

On top of all that, you have your daily life and the stresses that come with it.  Discrimination isn’t the only thing that might have pushed to substance abuse.  Just like everyone else, you have to deal with the stresses of money, relationships, and so much more.

Whatever the causes of your addiction, there is always hope.

It all starts with your choice to get sober.  From there, you can eliminate drug dependence if you empower yourself with the right strategies to live life sober.  If you show total commitment, you can begin to truly love life again.

The right drug rehabilitation program puts the odds in your favor.  Addiction treatment is part medical and part mental.  But it must be built on a foundation of understanding to succeed.

At Fountain Hills Recovery, we help LGBT substance abusers detox and remain drug-free.  But we go beyond that.  We aim to equip our patients with tools for happiness and success.  We care more than other addiction treatment centers because our staff is made up of recovering addicts.  We provide a community that actually understands what you’re going through and cares about you as a person.

Unique Challenges LGBT Individuals with Dependency Face

♦ Conflict or Resentment from Family♦

♦ High Risk of Anxiety and Depression♦

♦ Target of Violence and Discrimination♦

♦ Complicated Interpersonal Relationships♦

♦ Traumatic Life Experiences♦

Reasons LGBT Individuals Choose Us for Addiction Treatment

♦ Judgement-Free Recovery Environment♦

♦ Customized Individual Treatment♦

♦ Supportive Rehabilitation Community♦

♦ Optional Family Counseling♦

♦ Alternative Therapies and Programs♦

Are you ready for life to get better?

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Do You Feel Alone In Your Fight With Addiction?

You haven’t had an easy time finding the support you need.  Most people don’t understand.

Drugs seemed to help at first.  Now you need real help.

As you probably know, drug addiction can destroy your life.

We’ve seen it:

  • Permanently harm self image and self esteem.
  • Destroy sense of personal identity and reputation.
  • Ruin personal and professional relationships.
  • Help spread malicious illness and disease.
  • Take lives early through suicide or overdose.

But you don’t have to suffer the same fate.  You can turn things around now if you get the help you need.

Get Help from a Supportive Community

You don’t have to ruin relationships with friends or family.  You don’t have to let down your community.

An individualized treatment program and recovery plan can be incredibly helpful in getting sober and embracing life.

The right treatment program will help you:

  • Gain freedom and peace of mind.
  • Handle stress, anxiety, and depression with ease.
  • Heal relationships destroyed by your addiction.
  • Develop healthy habits and a positive mindset.
  • Connect with yourself and find your passion.

All it requires is one decision.  From there, we can guide you back down the path to a life you can be proud of.

Why Choose LGBT Rehab at Fountain Hills Recovery?



Absolute acceptance from a supportive and loving community.  You don’t have to worry about judgement or discrimination here, only your recovery. 

Heal from addiction in a supportive and sober environment. Find comfort and companionship from a community of people who understand.

Our beautiful facilities have breathtaking views and luxury amenities. Enjoy gourmet meals, our hot tub & sauna, and chiropractic & massage services.


Addiction treatment is about true healing. Here, you’ll learn to work and play without dependency on drugs or alcohol. Here, you’ll learn to love life again.


Rehabilitation catered to you, whoever you are. Each individual is unique and so is their struggle with addiction. We think their treatment should be as well.


The custom-tailored treatment program at Fountain Hills Recovery can help you get free from alcohol or drugs.  We can help you gain freedom in all aspects of your life. 


What Treatment at Fountain Hills Recovery Looks Like

At Fountain Hills Recovery, we pride ourselves on offering our client’s the best addiction treatment programs in Arizona.

The best rehab centers start with deep empathy.  That’s why acceptance and understanding are essential components of our treatment programs.  Many members of our team have been touched by addiction—whether through friends, family, or themselves.

After all, no one can truly understand addiction unless they have lived through it.

We couple that empathy with evidence-based programs that are proven to get results.  Fountain Hills Recovery is a dual diagnosis treatment center, accredited by the Joint Commission.

We serve a variety of clients.  Therefore, we offer a variety of options to match.  We provide both outpatient and residential treatment programs.  Within those frameworks, we employ dual diagnosis, cognitive behavior, and other therapies.

Our main goal is providing drug rehabilitation that works.

Plus, there is simply no better place to heal than scenic Fountain Hills, Arizona.  Our luxury rehab facility offers gorgeous views and resort-like amenities.  That way, you’re surrounded by a supportive community and nature’s beauty.  Together, we can help you beat your addiction and learn to love living sober.

Ready for life to get better?

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