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Residential Addiction Treatment That Works

In-patient addiction treatment is generally the most effective type of drug rehabilitation.

Inpatient programs provide care 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  This supports radical recovery.  A full-time rehabilitation environment allows addicts to focus on sobriety.

The best inpatient treatment facilities offer comprehensive diagnosis, clinically-proven techniques, and aftercare programs.  The ultimate goal of treatment is to learn to love life without drugs and alcohol.  This way, you don’t just try to stay sober.  You kick the habit for good and thrive.

A 24/7 treatment program may be just the start you need.

The right program will help you get sober.  Then, it will help you stay sober.

At Fountain Hills Recovery, we take pride in being one of Arizona’s best luxury residential rehabilitation centers.  There is a lot of clinical evidence to support inpatient care.  But our belief comes from the results it has gotten our clients.

Let’s talk about why we are so proud to offer it.

Advantages of In-Patient Therapy

Residential rehab offers benefits that no other treatment can.

For that reason, inpatient therapy is the only real way to treat advanced cases of drug dependency.  Long-time users need a full-time rehab and recovery environment to flourish.

There are several reasons why.

Withdrawal is hard.  An addict’s brain and body scream for drugs or alcohol.  Drugs are easy to get.  Habitual users often have multiple ways to get their fix.  And the same stresses that lead to dependency are always there.  Work, relationships, money—life never lets up, even when you’re trying to get clean.

Inpatient addiction therapy combats the most difficult parts of addiction.

Residential drug treatment has several advantages:

  • Environment Built to Support Sobriety and Mental Health
  • Healthy Detox with 24/7 Care and Medical Supervision
  • Removal From Everyday Stresses and Distractions
  • Comprehensive and Customized Drug Treatment Program

This is what it takes to beat the most severe addictions.  And in truth, it gets the best results in less severe cases as well.  Inpatient addiction care is built to make the recovery process easier, every step along the way.

Still, you might be asking:

Is In-Patient Drug Treatment Right For YOu?

Long-lasting sobriety requires commitment.

If you are not ready to leave your drug or alcohol addiction in the past, inpatient drug treatment programs are not for you.  If you are ready, they are probably the best option.

However, you should consider a few other things first.

True rehabilitation takes time.  Inpatient programs have a variety of components.  It’s crucial that you complete each one.  The time this takes is partially dependent on you.  Whatever the case, remember that commitment.  You must see your residential program through until the end if you want the best chance.

Another thing to consider is your lifestyle.  Inpatient schedules don’t always work for executives or other professionals with huge work responsibilities.  If that sounds like you, an IOP or PHP may be a better option.  Remember though, this is only true for less severe addictions.  Whatever your career, serious addictions require serious treatments.

We strongly recommend inpatient treatment for most addicts.

Many people find it extremely hard to beat addiction without professional help.

24-hour support and daily treatment open the doorways for radical recovery.  It’s obvious why this type of program would be the most effective in extreme cases.  But for those same reasons, it is also the most effective for less severe addiction.

Residential drug treatment provides the balance of space and structure that enables addicts to turn their lives around.

We’ve seen it time and again.

What Residential Treatment at Fountain Hills Recovery Looks Like

At Fountain Hills Recovery, we provide the highest quality care.

Our goal is to help our clients overcome addiction and learn to love living sober.

The in-patient therapy model gives our staff the ability to provide the best possible treatment.  Given time, our therapists can better understand and treat you on a personal level.  Consistent one-on-one interactions help us format the program to fit your needs.

Our goal is always lasting recovery.  And we equip you with tools to increase your odds.

Our inpatient addiction treatment programs feature:

Our residential treatment programs are designed to be the last rehab you ever need.  Only you can really make that happen.  But Fountain Hills Recovery sets you up for success with our supportive staff, resort-like atmosphere, and proven treatment methods.

We are accredited by The Joint Commission, our industry’s highest standard.  We are located in beautiful Fountain Hills, Arizona (near Phoenix).  And we actually have recovering addicts on staff.

Nowhere else will you find higher quality inpatient drug rehabilitation, a sunnier environment, or more empathetic therapists.  Let us prove it to you today.