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Dual Diagnosis Therapy That Works

Dual diagnosis therapy is a form of treatment used to help patients dealing with co-occuring conditions.

Dual diagnosis patients suffer from addiction and mental illness.

Each makes the other worse.  Their synergistic nature makes for a nightmarish combination.  This makes them extremely hard to deal with for victims and their families.

Before dual diagnosis this was even more difficult.  Until recent decades, treatment for mental illness and drug addiction were kept separate.  But that is less effective.

Today, we know that dual diagnosis therapy is the best way to heal those who suffer from both conditions.

At Fountain Hills Recovery, our therapists use dual diagnosis to differentiate between these two conditions.  From there, we treat them both with an integrated and evidence-based approach.  Not only that, our therapists are in recovery themselves and actually understand what being an addict is like.

Why Dual Diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis allows us to treat two conditions at once.

By doing so we are able to amplify results.  Drug addiction is an enormous burden.  So is mental illness.  By addressing both at once, it feels like the weight lifted from your shoulders is multiplied.

The first step is physical detox.  This is usually the scariest part.  Withdrawal is one of the underlying cause of your addiction in the first place.  No matter what drug you’re addicted to, the initial detox is the hardest.  But with the help of professionals, the process is guaranteed to be as safe and painless as possible.

Once the fog is lifted, the real work can begin.  At Fountain Hills Recovery, we use a variety of strategies to help former addicts develop a higher level of self-awareness.  Our therapy methods help addicts learn to understand, avoid, and strategize against their relapse triggers.  The main goal is to help you live to your potential.

What does all that mean?

Dual diagnosis gets results.

Here are the premier Advantages of dual diagnosis:

  • Safe, supervised detox in healthy environment
  • Holistic treatment that addresses root causes
  • Equal attention to addiction and mental illness
  • Integrated therapies customized for each patient
  • Equips addicts with tools for relapse prevention

Dual diagnosis helps patients transition to sobriety in a healthy way, regain control of their emotions, and maintain lasting sobriety.

We work with top insurance companies to ensure that we can offer help to more people. Our staff offers support for a number of addictions, including heroin, alcohol, and meth. Additionally, we offer dual diagnosis treatment to prevent mental disorders from fueling your addiction.

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