Common Misconceptions of Drinking Problems

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Alcohol addiction is shrouded in mythology. Problem drinkers help partially perpetuate this mythology because alcohol use is an important part of social interaction. Loved ones wishing to intervene also foster myths about alcoholism & drinking problems.

Common misconceptions by those with drinking problems include:

  • Alcoholics need to drink every day.
  • Alcoholics are estranged from their families and can’t hold jobs.

Common misconceptions of drinking problems by friends or family:

  • Abusers will need to hit “rock bottom” before seeking help.
  • Once alcoholics stop drinking, their problems are over.

Misconceptions of Alcoholism Hinder Recovery

Control is important to everyone’s lifestyle. When those abusing alcohol are questioned about drinking behaviors, they deny the problem. This denial sometimes causes abusers to not recognize their situation’s severity.

Alcohol abusers may drink less than their friends. Sometimes, problem drinkers perform well in the job market and are beloved by family members. Alcohol often acts as a coping mechanism, and downplaying the evidence takes priority. As addiction grows, denial becomes much easier.

Coping with alcoholic family members or convincing them to get help aren’t aware of addiction’s strength. They may wait for the drinker to hit “rock bottom”. Legal problems, social disappointments and health deficiencies may occur before problem drinkers reach the bottom, often dragging friends and family with them.

Sometimes, families become frustrated because, when problem drinkers become sober, problems don’t just go away. They don’t understand that recovery is a lengthy, delicate process where it’s sometimes difficult to measure progress.

How Fountain Hills Recovery Can Help Treat Your Drinking Problems

Located in Fountain Hills, Arizona, Fountain Hills Recovery is a facility offering treatment for alcohol abuse, heroin, cocaine and opiate addictions, as well as methamphetamine abuse. A local medical detoxification facility provides a system with professional staff to monitor detox symptoms and provide medication when necessary.

Fountain Hills Recovery understands that alcoholism is sometimes partnered with a mental or behavioral dysfunction. We offer dual diagnosis treatment to uncover  hidden mental illness symptoms.

Other facets of our evidence-based treatment include:

  • Extended Care
  • Primary Care
  • Outpatient Care
  • Transitional Living
  • Family Programs

We also offer activities like equine therapy and yoga in a social setting to emphasize holistic integration of clients.  

No one should wait to hit ‘rock bottom’ with alcohol addiction. Asking for help is the first step towards overcoming your alcohol abuse.

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