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Cognitive Behavior Therapy That Works

Cognitive behavior therapy is a type of psychotherapy treatment that helps patients understand how thoughts affect emotions and behaviors.

CBT is the most effective framework for dealing with substance abuse.

There are a variety of different techniques.  But as a whole, CBT has more use and scientific support than any other mental health treatment today.

This evidence-based approach uses logic to identify negative thought patterns.  Then, it works to remove or change these patterns.  Once understood, this empowers addicts to change their lives.  Cognitive behavior therapy is based on the fact that thoughts determine feelings and behaviors.

For addicts, CBT is used to heal the patterns that lead to substance abuse.

At Fountain Hills Recovery, our therapists use CBT to heal the patterns that lead to substance abuse.  Then we work with you to replace those patterns with healthy new ones.  Our therapists are in recovery themselves and actually understand what being an addict feels like.


Advantages of Cognitive Behavior Treatment

There are several reasons why CBT is the most widespread therapy used in psychiatry today.

The main one:

It gets results that other therapies do not.

Other psychoanalytical methods focus on the past or subconscious.  While this has some uses, it is not a solutions-oriented approach.  This often leads to hours of “fluff” in traditional therapy sessions.  When it comes to addiction treatment, such wasted time can have dire consequences.

But cognitive behavior therapy is different.  CBT focuses on practical solutions.  Sessions are highly-structured and purpose-driven. Cognitive behavior therapists equip their patients with strategies to stay in control of our thoughts.  In turn, this helps patients begin to control their addiction.

CBT helps patients kick their habit for life.

Advantages of cognitive behavior therapy:

  • Shows connection between thoughts and actions
  • Identifies thought patterns that lead to dependency
  • Replaces negative mental models with positive ones
  • Equips addicts with tools for relapse prevention
  • Creates change across multiple areas of life

Cognitive behavior therapy techniques help patients regain control of their emotions, create healthy life habits, and maintain lasting sobriety. There are many different styles, which make cognitive behavioral therapy great for catering to people’s individual needs. This type of therapy is a common method for treating mental disorders, including addiction and substance abuse. Below is more information about how doctors use this specific type of therapy to treat addiction.

Behavior Experiments

In general, cognitive behavioral therapy techniques (CBT) revolve around running behavioral experiments. Doctors use these experiments to test how people think. The goal is to get to the root cause of their problems. This means, in terms of addiction, the goal is to find out what triggers their dependence on drugs or alcohol.

A common example of this is how someone reacts or talks to themselves after giving into an addiction. If you criticize yourself, you may give in to your addiction even more. If you’re kind to yourself, you’re less likely to overreact to the situation.

Since it’s hard to examine yourself, it’s best to leave the analysis to an expert. Also, the key benefit of behavior therapy is that it adapts to a person’s needs. Because of this, the behavior tests that your therapist uses are different than the tests that others receive.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques and Addiction

With addiction, there’s usually a clear behavioral pattern that goes against what people want to do. For example, those who want to overcome addiction will show that they want to change. However, the addiction causes compulsive behaviors that keep them from stopping.

This therapy revolves around the idea that inaccurate thoughts lead to all addictions. The goal is to use therapy techniques to change these thoughts or negative feelings.

One of the main problems is that people have unrealistic goals for themselves. These are impossible to live up to and cause negative feelings when they aren’t able to reach them. Instead of punishing themselves for not reaching a goal, they should reward themselves for healthy behaviors.

Get Addiction Help at Fountain Hills Recovery

At Fountain Hills Recovery, our main goal is to help you get the addiction treatment that you need. We create unique addiction recovery plans that keep your needs in mind. In addition, we also use evidence-based therapy methods to help you combat your addiction. Some of the different types of therapy options that we offer through our treatment programs include:

We work with top insurance companies to ensure that we can offer help to more people. Our staff offers support for a number of addictions, including heroin, alcohol, and meth. Additionally, we offer dual diagnosis treatment to prevent mental disorders from fueling your addiction.

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