About Us

Our Story

Fountain Hills Recovery was born out of a deep, personal need to help those struggling with substance abuse. Since 2016, the passionate and experienced staff at Fountain Hills Recovery have been committed to providing the highest quality addiction treatment programs available.

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Our Mission

Our goal at Fountain Hills Recovery is to help addicts overcome addiction and learn to love life sober. Fountain Hills Recovery is where life gets better and the tools we give our clients help them to make sure life stays better. To achieve this goal we focus on evidence-based methods and practices that lead to sustainable sobriety. Because each person’s struggle with addiction is unique, we believe their treatment program should be as well. We will help you develop and meet your own recovery goals and realize your potential for a life of sobriety.

Finding the right addiction treatment program can be a matter of life or death. Fountain Hills Recovery is here to help.
Call us now at (800) 715-2004 if you’re ready to overcome addiction and learn to love living life sober.

Our Vision

We are industry leaders, known for caring first and creating long-term sobriety for patients who are willing to do the work. We heighten the probability of long-term sobriety by treating the cause of the addiction; we can be your final step towards a healthy, happy, successful life. Our ongoing goal is for people to know that Fountain Hills Recovery is where you go to get great treatment and that we have the best possible clinicians for addressing trauma and all the issues that come with substance abuse.

“We want to help anyone that’s willing to get the help and has that desire to turn their life around and leave the dark past of drugs and alcohol where it belongs…in the past.” – Natalie Marston-Salem

“The thing with the disease of addiction is that it touches all walks of life and it doesn’t discriminate based on your income or your education or your ethnicity. It touches so many people. – Natalie Marston-Salem”

Our Values

At Fountain Hills Recovery we believe in:

  • Helping clients first over monetary gains
  • Integrity and always doing the right thing
  • Creating lasting sobriety by treating the cause of addiction
  • The power of authenticity and honesty
  • The impact of human connection
  • Caring for others and supporting them through tough times
  • The power of bringing families and loved ones back together
  • In being a legacy for the memory of our loved ones

We are not here just to make money. Our clients always come first and we encourage lasting sobriety for each one by getting to know the individual and treating the cause of their addiction.

“I chose Fountain Hills Recovery because it seemed like they weren’t going to just treat me like a number. I wanted someone to pay attention and care about who I was rather than just labeling me as a drug addict and treating me the same as everyone else. Fountain Hills appealed to me because they promised to know my name.“ – Nate

Our People

Our professional and highly trained staff is what makes Fountain Hills Recovery stand out. Our staff is unique not only for their passion and commitment but also because most of our staff members are in recovery themselves. The perspective they bring to the table is invaluable for connecting with and helping our clients. We believe that successful treatment outcomes require a collaboration between the client and the treatment team. It’s because of this philosophy that our patients enjoy support throughout the recovery process, and beyond.

Meet Our Team

Our Facilities

The beautiful Fountain Hills, Arizona provides a serene backdrop for your recovery process. Our spacious accommodations and luxury amenities were designed to make anyone feel comfortable.

We offer an atmosphere of resort-living while maintaining the intimacy of individualized care through daily interactions with our clients and staff. This dynamic helps to create a safe and supportive community healing.

Go for a swim in our infinity pool, detox in our dry sauna, or sit back and enjoy a movie in our state-of-the-art theater. The high-end accommodations of our facilities will help you to relax and unwind after a day of treatment.

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How We Serve

Our treatment programs strive to provide quality care while giving clients the tools and resources to succeed both in and out of our facility. We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach to the treatment of addiction. Offering a variety of treatment options is just one of the ways we strive to accommodate every client in our program.

We understand that everyone who enters our center has different motivations, goals, and expectations about the treatment they need to recover from their addiction. Taking into account each client’s’ individual needs, our care professionals use effective evidence-based methods to create a treatment plan in collaboration with the client.

More on Our Treatment Programs

Fountain Hills Recovery is a safe haven for those who are ready to transition into a new life of sobriety. Through our programs, you’ll learn to love living sober, grow beyond limitations, and become a productive member of society again. We will help you become an asset to others and live a life in which you are trusted, valued and happy.