Who We Are

Fountain Hills Recovery has a team of knowledgeable professionals with first-hand experience of the damaging effects addiction can have on a life. We believe that successful treatment outcomes require a collaboration between the client and the treatment team.

What We Do

Together we can create a plan for recovery that meets your unique needs and addresses your own recovery goals. We will take this first step in the recovery process with you and make your transition into a new life as comfortable as possible. ​​

Mission Statement

Fountain Hills Recovery is dedicated to providing high-end individualized care and rehabilitation services to build a foundation for long-term recovery. We’re aware that every patient who comes to Fountain Hills Recovery has their own motivations for seeking treatment and making this lifestyle change. With this in mind, we offer a variety of care options using evidence based treatment practices to aid in the realization of self-worth and the possibilities of life away from the hopelessness of addiction.

“I saw myself in other places more as a statistic rather than an actual person . . . Having people really stand by my side and do anything in their power to see me succeed- it meant a lot to me that people actually cared.”

-Former Fountain Hills Recovery Client

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The Fountain Hills Difference

At Fountain Hills Recovery, we separate ourselves from other rehabilitation treatment centers with our unparalleled client and staff dynamic. Our staff members have first-hand experience with the effects of addiction, so when you enter into our program you are entering an environment of empathy and understanding. We recognize that the needs of each client are unique to that individual, consequently each program is developed through a collaboration between client and treatment staff to address the client’s own priorities for treatment. While individual treatment programs can vary from client to client, the sense of community within our center walls in universal and always welcoming to those in need of support.